Tips for Buying a Blow Up Mattress

If you like to adventure travel, there have probably been times where finding a decent place to sleep has been difficult.  For people who like to go camping or even for people that just need a spare place for company to sleeping, you don’t have a lot of options.

You want to be able to have something that is as comfortable as possible, either for your guests or yourself.  If you’ve been camping, you’ve probably attempted to sleep in a sleeping bag, in a tent, or on the ground.  None of these are very comfortable.  As you get older, they can be down right painful.

If you have had to stay over at someone’s house that doesn’t have a spare bed, you may have been stuck either sleeping on a couch, in a recliner or, if you’re lucky, on a hide a bed.  While these may be a little better then their camping counter parts, few people would consider these to be ideal places to sleep.

There is another option that could be used in both of these situations that would be better than the alternative.  That would be a blow up mattress.

What is a blow up mattress?

air mattressBlow up mattresses, also known as air mattresses or inflatable mattresses, is usually constructed of some type of PVC, but newer version are sometimes made of rubber or reinforced urethane plastic .  These mattresses, when deflated, can be either folded or rolled up, which is convenient for carrying it along with you or for storing it.

When you are ready to use it, you can either inflate it by blowing into its valve, use some type of manual pump, or use an electric pump.  These mattresses are generally light weight, durable and come in a variety of sizes.

What to watch for when purchasing an air mattress

There are several things you want to look at when deciding to purchase a blow up mattress.  These include:

  • Storage –  This will vary depending on what your intended use is.  If you are camping, you will want something that is lightweight, folds or rolls up neatly into a small package and is easy to carry.  If you are using it at your house, you still want something that is easy to fold or roll up, but it could be a little larger and thicker, which will lead to it being more comfortable.
  • Durable – When you invest in an air mattress, you want something that will last.  You may be taking it out in the elements and don’t want to have to replace it every year.  You also want to make sure that it is built well, otherwise you could find yourself “sinking” one night while you are trying to sleep.
  • Convenience – You want a mattress that is easy to inflate and deflate.  If it is a small one, you may be fine with filling it up manually with your own breath.  If it is larger, you at a minimum want a manual pump.  If you are using it at your house, an electric pump is very convenient.  You also want something that is easy to fold or roll up when you don’t need it.
  • Comfort Level – There is a wide array of air mattresses on the market.  For certain people and certain situations (like camping), a standard blow up mattress works fine.  For others, you may want something like a double layer style, a raise air style, or an adjustable firmness style air mattress.

Problems with air mattresses

inflatable mattressThere are a few drawbacks to using a blow up mattress.  One of the most annoying things about this type of mattress is the squeaking sounds you sometimes get.  Another draw back is that you will be lying close to the ground.  If you are using it for camping purposes, you will be used to this already.  When difficulty you may find is that if you are sleeping on an air mattress with another person, they aren’t very good with dealing with motion transfer.  If the other person moves, you will definitely know it.

Overall, the few annoyances of a blow up mattress are far out weighed by the benefits they provide for their intended use.  As with most things, spending a few more dollars could possibly mean quite a bit more on the comfort end of things.  Hopefully we this information, you can find a blow up mattress that will suit your needs.